Creating a newspaper can be a fun and exciting project, and a newspaper template for kids is a great way to get them started on their project, having fun, and learning while they are being creative.

We picked two of the best newspaper templates for kids, and you can download them and get started working on your project right away. The first is a classic newspaper template that is clean, simple, and easy to edit and add content to. The second has a focus on sports, as a Sports page of a newspaper. However, like most templates, the Sports heading can be changed to cover any topic you want.

Best Newspaper Template For Kids

Newspaper Template For KidsFirst of all, this Newspaper Template for Kids is great because it’s FREE! Free is always awesome, especially when you get a good product with nice features. Second, this newspaper template works in Microsoft Word, meaning most people will be able to access the template since Microsoft Word is such a common program. As long as you have the program that these templates were made for you should have no problem downloading them, opening them and editing them, and saving and printing your very own kid’s newspaper.

Newspaper Template for Kids Features

You can edit most of the aspects of this Newspaper Template for Kids. You can change the newspaper name, insert today’s date or whatever date you want the newspaper to be published, insert your own pictures, and change all the article headings and text. There are columns already created that help to break up the newspaper to make it look like a real paper, and you can just type in those columns to create your news story. It’s very easy to use, and we picked this template because it has a simple design that is easier for kids to use than some other newspaper templates.

If you decide to use your own pictures, you may also consider using Photoshop or another fun paint program to work on the pictures. You could take a picture with a digital camera, edit it, add colors or take out colors, draw on funny mustaches or glasses, circle and highlight things, and have fun creating all your pictures before you even start working on the newspaper. Also, if you want to try something different, you could draw, color, or paint a picture first. Then, take a picture of the drawing or painting, or scan it into the computer, and use one of your kid’s own artworks to insert into the newspaper. I can imagine how fun it would be to read a headline “Million Dollar Masterpiece” and have a picture of your child’s, or any kids, artwork beneath in a newspaper. Talk about fun, and a great way to encourage creativity while building self-esteem.

Whatever your choice for newspaper and topic, this easy newspaper template for kids should help you get it created.

Download the Best Newspaper Template For Kids Here!

Sports Newspaper Template for Kids

Sports Newspaper Template for KidsThis sports newspaper template for kids has a different look and layout than the previous newspaper template, but should also be very easy to use. It should provide an alternative style and design if you’re looking for more choices. As you can see, this newspaper template is geared more towards the Sports Page. However, the text and pictures can all be changed and edited to look the way you want it. So, you could change the Sports to the name of the paper, or a different section like Opinion, Weather, News, or even something like WANTED, if you want to make a wanted poster out of the newspaper template for kids shown here.
This template has some color on it as well, which may be nice if you plan to print in color, or send this out in an email or in an electronic newsletter. I would recommend full color pictures if you print in color, because it gives the paper better appeal.
This Sports Newspaper Template for Kids is great because like the previous template, this too is FREE! I like free (who doesn’t!). Also, it too works on Microsoft Word. So, if you want to get both templates, you can work on them both and see which you like best, or even create two different newspapers for two different kids or projects.
Have fun and get creative. Make a Sports Newspaper Template for your baseball team, football team, soccer, hockey, tennis, swimming, golf, or running team! Or, do an insightful article about the benefits of exercising, and talk about how nice a new bicycle would be and then give the newspaper to your parents! What a fun way to ask for a Christmas or birthday gift!
The beauty is you can create and do anything you want with these templates.

This Microsoft Word Newspaper Template offers a great layout and look for your newspaper. Download it for free here!

Microsoft Word Newspaper Template Features

Microsoft Word Newspaper TemplateThis great template offers TONS of colors, and clearly has a style that looks professional. If you want a professional newspaper template, or are interested in a free professional Microsoft Word newspaper template, this is the template for you.

It has multiple sections to it, so you can put in your top stories and top headlines all on the front page. There are places to add pictures, which can be inserted in either black and white or color. Full color pictures will make your Microsoft Word newspaper template come to life, and look like a professional newspaper. Black and white images will make your page look more like an interior page of a newspaper, and may be the choice you want if you’re going to print a lot of these yourself.

This template is also longer than your standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper. The long orientation makes this look and feel much more like a real paper, and this Microsoft Word newspaper template will allow you to put your main content “above the fold”. That means, when the paper is folded in half and put on display like real newspapers, the top news story on the front page that is literally “above the fold” will be visible. That’s the heading you want to use to grab people’s attention and help sell newspapers.

This paper even has areas for weather or sports updates at the bottom, advertisements at the top, and will let others know you are serious about having a nice, professional newspaper.

Download Microsoft Word Newspaper Template

Get your great looking Microsoft Word Newspaper Template here!

This Free Illustrator Newspaper Template is easy to use. Download it here.

Free Illustrator Newspaper Template Options

Free Illustrator Newspaper TemplateYou can customize all the text in this Adobe Illustrator Template. If you are looking for a Microsoft Word template, this will not work. However, if you want a free Illustrator newspaper template, this will allow you to input your own pictures, text, and make some minor layout modifications. It is much easier and faster than creating your own newspaper template, and will help you get your work done quickly.

The areas that look pink on the graphic are places where you can insert your own pictures.

You can modify the name of the paper, the Headlines, and all the column data. If you are a pro at Illustrator, you can probably also change a number of other features to get the exact layout and look you want.

Download Free Illustrator Newspaper Template

You can grab your free Illustrator newspaper template here.

This school newspaper template will allow you to change the colors to show your school spirit! Download it HERE.

Microsoft Word School Newspaper Template

school newspaper templateThis school newspaper template is for Microsoft Word. Simply open the file with word, and start to edit and customize. You can change the name of the paper to represent your school’s name, or come up with some creative name for the paper. If you are the Springfield High School, you could name your paper the Springfield High School Paper after your name, or have fun and name it something like the  Spring News, Field Day, Springfield Insider, or anything else you think is catchy.

If you have a school mascot and want to name it after that, it would be a good choice too. If you’re the Springfield Bobcats, you could be the Bobcat Daily, Bob’s Press, or Predator Report.

This template has a nice layout, so that you can fill in your articles, add pictures, and make it look professional.

School Newspaper Template Colors

You may see the template and think “ugh, brown and orange is not for me”. Well, you can change those colors. Make it all black and white like a regular paper, or make it your school colors. Pick the red and blue, or gold and black, or yellow and green, or maroon and white, or whatever color your school uses. The school newspaper template can be customized to make your school colors stand out.

Download School Newspaper Template

Grab this template for free, and start working on your school newspaper template available by clicking here!

This Free Word Newspaper Template is sure to meet most of your needs. If you want to download it, you may get it here!

Free Word Newspaper Template Features

Free Word Newspaper TemplateThis Microsoft Word Newspaper Template is nice because it’s free! That’s the best part! However, there are some other nice features of this template. It allows you to change the Newspaper Name, input the date the newspaper is to be printed or published, and create all your own article headings. You can type information into all the columns to create the text content of your newspaper, and you can insert your own pictures.

Experiment with the pictures a bit to see if you like the full color or black and white look best. If you are using this to email around on a computer, you may prefer the color pictures because they will look better on screen. However, if you wish to print this out and distribute it around in hard copy, you may prefer the look of black and white pictures. This free word newspaper template can be used any way you like it!

Free Word Newspaper Template Tips

Use this to promote your band! If you’re doing a concert somewhere, why just put up fliers announcing you’re doing a show? Instead, put these up around town and on billboards to make it look like your concert is newsworthy. It’s a fun spin on concert promotions!

Use this free word newspaper template to promote your garage sale! Let people know your sale is not to be missed!

Use it to promote a fundraiser!

Tell your vacation story using this free word newspaper template! Simply plug in pictures, and tell the stories of your most recent vacation! Email it to friends and family, or take it to school show and tell.

This is a great student newspaper template for using in a school project. A school newspaper template will allow your project to be noticed and one step above the rest of the class.

Download this Newspaper Template

You can download this free word newspaper template here.

This Newspaper Template Microsoft Word is a free template you can download and edit to create your own newspaper template. Download it for free HERE.

Sports Newspaper Template Microsoft Word

Newspaper Template Microsoft WordThis sports layout offers the ability to edit the text on the page so you can write your own sports story. It has ample room for writing the articles you want to input. If you want to write about a local little league game, or an area football game, this template is ideal. Suggestions for some events are:

Little League Newspaper Template
Farm Club Newspaper Template
Pee Wee Football Newspaper Template
High School Football Newspaper Template
Intramural Sports Newspaper Template
Soccer Newspaper Template
Basketball Newspaper Template
Tennis Newspaper Template
Golf Newspaper Template
Olympic Coverage Newspaper Template
Elementary School Newspaper Template
Track and Field Newspaper Template
College Newspaper Template
University Newspaper Template

Make sure you remember to insert action pictures of whatever sport you are writing about. The pictures can be inserted in the template where you see the currently see pictures. If you want to add more pictures or play around with the layout, feel free to do so. Just remember to save a copy of the document before you change it too much so that if you make a mistake you can always reload your original before you messed up any of the formatting.

Customize Newspaper Template Microsoft Word

You may not have to use this layout for sports stories. If you prefer to write about other events, news, weather, cooking, or any other subject, you can edit this document and change it’s contents from being specifically sports related. So, if you like the way it looks, but want to write about something else, then give this newspaper template Microsoft Word a try. After all, it’s free!

Download Newspaper Template Microsoft Word

Download your free Newspaper Template Microsoft Word HERE!

This Newspaper Template for Word offers free and easy options to create your own newspaper. It has boxes that are easy to add Headlines to, and type your content into. It offers you the ability to easily click in a box to add whatever content or feature stories you want. Download it Here.

Newspaper Template For Word

Customizable Newspaper Template for Word

You can customize this template in a few ways. If you right click on a box, you have the option to change the background color to a different color so you can make some boxes pop with different or bright colors. If you want to have an editorial note, guest columnists, or draw attention to a community event or calendar of activities, changing the box color may be a great way to set it apart on your paper.

The border color can also be changed to appear as a different color, or be removed completely. It would be a great way to put a coupon or two into your newspaper template for word. You could add a bright color with a box, and insert the information for the coupon for people to remove.

Add Pictures to Newspaper Template for Word

Remember to add pictures to your newspaper by adding them like you would add pictures to any Microsoft Word document. Newspapers with pictures, either in color or in black and white, draw more attention and hold the reader’s interest longer. Play around with this newspaper template for word by adding pictures and experimenting to see if you prefer the full color, or the black and white pictures best.

Free Newspaper Template For Word

This newspaper template for word is free! You can download it HERE.

Here is a free Adobe Photoshop Newspaper Template. It’s just one free template we recommend, and you can download it here.

Photoshop Newspaper Template Details

Photoshop Newspaper TemplateIf you are looking for a great, free newspaper template to use in Adobe Photoshop, this Photoshop newspaper template is ideal. The template consists of two templates that can be formatted in Photoshop. The first template layer consists of the Front Page, or the main page layout for the paper. It has the design and layout that is essential, and the reason you’re shopping for a Photoshop newspaper template. This is where you would put your paper name, major headlines, and any eye catching photos or design to make your reader want to read more.

The second template offered here goes with the first, and it’s the template for all the pages inside the paper. It is the core of your text, and is where all your articles, stories, and interviews will play out. The second template may be used over and over to flush out the entire paper. Make sure to use the same font in the second template as your first, so that it has an even and consistent look throughout the whole paper.

Since you’re working in Adobe Photoshop, you should be able to make all of your pictures look exactly like you want them.

This template is printable, and would make a good template to either print out in hard copy, or to email or send around in digital form.

Download Photoshop Newspaper Template

If you want to get this free Adobe Photoshop Newspaper Template, click here!

This site offers the best, free newspaper templates for you to download. We hope you find everything you are looking for here.  Below is a list of some of the templates we offer, and a few tips as well.

Newspaper Template Microsoft Word

Newspaper Template For Word

Free Illustrator Newspaper Template

Adobe Illustrator Newspaper Template

Microsoft Word Newspaper Template

Newspaper Template

Photoshop Magazine Template

School Newspaper Template

Free Word Newspaper Template

Free Newspaper Template


Newspaper Template Tips

Make sure you download and save the template you want. If you want to use the template for several different projects, then make sure you leave your original copy in place and always “save as” or save a new copy of the file so you can open the original to create another project from in the future.

Make sure you have the software to edit the template you selected. If you plan to edit in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop, make sure you grab the correct file that works with the software you will be using.

Save several versions of your project as you work on it. If you make a change that you do not like, and cannot undo the formatting changes, then you can always load an earlier version save. This is especially helpful if you plan to modify the format significantly.

Use lots of pictures! Newspapers pop and sell because of nice photographs. The pictures will grab someone’s attention, and along with a catchy headline will entice your reader to read the full article.

Have fun! Creating projects can be cumbersome, but with these templates and the right attitude, creating a newspaper can be a fun and rewarding project. Whether it is for a school or college, family reunion newspaper, to print, to email, or just to learn and gain experience, these projects can be a fulfilling way to be creative.

Visit again in the future! If you ever mess up on a project, or don’t like the way something looks once you have done your layout, come back to this site and grab another template for free, or grab a fresh copy of the template you are using for another project. Our templates are free, and we’re glad to help you.