Newspaper Template For Word

This Newspaper Template for Word offers free and easy options to create your own newspaper. It has boxes that are easy to add Headlines to, and type your content into. It offers you the ability to easily click in a box to add whatever content or feature stories you want. Download it Here.

Newspaper Template For Word

Customizable Newspaper Template for Word

You can customize this template in a few ways. If you right click on a box, you have the option to change the background color to a different color so you can make some boxes pop with different or bright colors. If you want to have an editorial note, guest columnists, or draw attention to a community event or calendar of activities, changing the box color may be a great way to set it apart on your paper.

The border color can also be changed to appear as a different color, or be removed completely. It would be a great way to put a coupon or two into your newspaper template for word. You could add a bright color with a box, and insert the information for the coupon for people to remove.

Add Pictures to Newspaper Template for Word

Remember to add pictures to your newspaper by adding them like you would add pictures to any Microsoft Word document. Newspapers with pictures, either in color or in black and white, draw more attention and hold the reader’s interest longer. Play around with this newspaper template for word by adding pictures and experimenting to see if you prefer the full color, or the black and white pictures best.

Free Newspaper Template For Word

This newspaper template for word is free! You can download it HERE.

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