Newspaper Template For Kids

Creating a newspaper can be a fun and exciting project, and a newspaper template for kids is a great way to get them started on their project, having fun, and learning while they are being creative.

We picked two of the best newspaper templates for kids, and you can download them and get started working on your project right away. The first is a classic newspaper template that is clean, simple, and easy to edit and add content to. The second has a focus on sports, as a Sports page of a newspaper. However, like most templates, the Sports heading can be changed to cover any topic you want.

Best Newspaper Template For Kids

Newspaper Template For KidsFirst of all, this Newspaper Template for Kids is great because it’s FREE! Free is always awesome, especially when you get a good product with nice features. Second, this newspaper template works in Microsoft Word, meaning most people will be able to access the template since Microsoft Word is such a common program. As long as you have the program that these templates were made for you should have no problem downloading them, opening them and editing them, and saving and printing your very own kid’s newspaper.

Newspaper Template for Kids Features

You can edit most of the aspects of this Newspaper Template for Kids. You can change the newspaper name, insert today’s date or whatever date you want the newspaper to be published, insert your own pictures, and change all the article headings and text. There are columns already created that help to break up the newspaper to make it look like a real paper, and you can just type in those columns to create your news story. It’s very easy to use, and we picked this template because it has a simple design that is easier for kids to use than some other newspaper templates.

If you decide to use your own pictures, you may also consider using Photoshop or another fun paint program to work on the pictures. You could take a picture with a digital camera, edit it, add colors or take out colors, draw on funny mustaches or glasses, circle and highlight things, and have fun creating all your pictures before you even start working on the newspaper. Also, if you want to try something different, you could draw, color, or paint a picture first. Then, take a picture of the drawing or painting, or scan it into the computer, and use one of your kid’s own artworks to insert into the newspaper. I can imagine how fun it would be to read a headline “Million Dollar Masterpiece” and have a picture of your child’s, or any kids, artwork beneath in a newspaper. Talk about fun, and a great way to encourage creativity while building self-esteem.

Whatever your choice for newspaper and topic, this easy newspaper template for kids should help you get it created.

Download the Best Newspaper Template For Kids Here!

Sports Newspaper Template for Kids

Sports Newspaper Template for KidsThis sports newspaper template for kids has a different look and layout than the previous newspaper template, but should also be very easy to use. It should provide an alternative style and design if you’re looking for more choices. As you can see, this newspaper template is geared more towards the Sports Page. However, the text and pictures can all be changed and edited to look the way you want it. So, you could change the Sports to the name of the paper, or a different section like Opinion, Weather, News, or even something like WANTED, if you want to make a wanted poster out of the newspaper template for kids shown here.
This template has some color on it as well, which may be nice if you plan to print in color, or send this out in an email or in an electronic newsletter. I would recommend full color pictures if you print in color, because it gives the paper better appeal.
This Sports Newspaper Template for Kids is great because like the previous template, this too is FREE! I like free (who doesn’t!). Also, it too works on Microsoft Word. So, if you want to get both templates, you can work on them both and see which you like best, or even create two different newspapers for two different kids or projects.
Have fun and get creative. Make a Sports Newspaper Template for your baseball team, football team, soccer, hockey, tennis, swimming, golf, or running team! Or, do an insightful article about the benefits of exercising, and talk about how nice a new bicycle would be and then give the newspaper to your parents! What a fun way to ask for a Christmas or birthday gift!
The beauty is you can create and do anything you want with these templates.

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