School Newspaper Template

This school newspaper template will allow you to change the colors to show your school spirit! Download it HERE.

Microsoft Word School Newspaper Template

school newspaper templateThis school newspaper template is for Microsoft Word. Simply open the file with word, and start to edit and customize. You can change the name of the paper to represent your school’s name, or come up with some creative name for the paper. If you are the Springfield High School, you could name your paper the Springfield High School Paper after your name, or have fun and name it something like the  Spring News, Field Day, Springfield Insider, or anything else you think is catchy.

If you have a school mascot and want to name it after that, it would be a good choice too. If you’re the Springfield Bobcats, you could be the Bobcat Daily, Bob’s Press, or Predator Report.

This template has a nice layout, so that you can fill in your articles, add pictures, and make it look professional.

School Newspaper Template Colors

You may see the template and think “ugh, brown and orange is not for me”. Well, you can change those colors. Make it all black and white like a regular paper, or make it your school colors. Pick the red and blue, or gold and black, or yellow and green, or maroon and white, or whatever color your school uses. The school newspaper template can be customized to make your school colors stand out.

Download School Newspaper Template

Grab this template for free, and start working on your school newspaper template available by clicking here!

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